Ana-Digit Ltd AD-RC Smoke Generator For RC Body ADRC Smoke+ (Part no.#AD/AD-SMOKE+)



Part no.#AD/AD-SMOKE+ PRODUCT INFORMATION: AD-RCSmoke+ is an upgrade version. It supports: - Programmable brake mode to stop smoke when braking; - Simulate engine start smoke effect for sound module. - Throttle quick change between neutral and forward to generate smoke. - Suitable for RC model vehicle / ship / tank / train - Fully automatic calibration and remote operated via 1/2/3 channels - 4 selectable smoke generation rates for various usages - 2 wired LEDs for flame simulation and status indication - 5V~6V BEC and an external battery operated - Selectable external battery voltage 7.2V or 12V - The smoke chamber is in all-in-one construction - Built-in overheat protection - Environmental friendly smoke oil - Plenty of smoke can last for 6 (max. smoke) to 15 minutes (min. smoke) with a refill - Perfectly match with AD-RC03 to emit smoke using a 4-channel transmitter FUNCTIONS Channel 1, Steering (Optional) - 2nd priority to determine smoke on or off - Turn on / off smoke if CH3 sets to smoke following throttle and throttle is at neutral Channel 2, Throttle (Compulsory) - Follow proportional throttle to emit smoke if CH3 sets to smoke following throttle Channel 3 (Optional) - Highest priority to determine smoke on, off and following throttle Smoke Generation Rate - 4 rates are selectable by 2 on-board jumpers Flame Simulation - 2 flame simulation patterns i.e. follow throttle and random, are selectable by an on-board jumper Status Indication - Show operating status via 2 wired LEDs Overheat Protection - Automatically stop the heater if overheat occurs. Then resume to normal after 1 min Smoke Outlet - 2 silicon tubes can be used to guide the smoke path Package Include: - Main unit - Smoke Chamber - Servo Cable - 7mm Outlet Cap x 2 - 7mm Silicon tube x 2 - LED Wire Assembly (1 Wire with 2 LED) - User Manual Dimensions: Smoke Unit: length 38.5mm width 30mm height 41mm Control Unit: length 65mm width 30mm Height 11mm This item replaced these previous versions: AD/AD-SMOKE Product total weight: 200.00 grams Package size: 9.00 x 15.00 x 4.00cm Factory description: Ana-Digit Ltd AD-RC Smoke Generator For RC Body ADRCSmoke+ Manufactured by Ana-Digit Ltd

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