Sense Hobby Sense ESS-DUAL+ (2 Speakers) Engine Sound Simulator (Part no.#Sense/ESS-DUAL)



Part no. #Sense/ESS-DUAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: Features: - Short-circuit, overload, over-current and thermally protected - Full RPM range linear sound synthesis - Advanced NDS\DTS technology - Intelligent state tracking compensation - Simulates the sound of eagine, starting, brakes, blow off valve, red line fuel cut, gear shifting - More sound available from RC/Plus APP - USB updataility - 4 type holder perfect matching for Axial: SCX10II/SCX10/Wraith; Traxxas -TRX4 Product total weight: 235.00 grams Package size: 9.00 x 13.00 x 7.00cm Factory description: Sense Hobby Sense ESS-DUAL +(2 Speakers) Engine Sound Simulator Manufactured by Sense Hobby

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