Sense Hobby Sense Innovations ESS One Plus 2017 Real Engine Sound Simulator (Part no. #Sense/ESS-ONE+2017)



Part no. #Sense/ESS-ONE+2017 PRODUCT INFORMATION: This is the SENSE INNOVATIONS ESS One Plus 2017 Version Real Engine Sound Simulator. Features: Can Download and use other sound effect with RC/PLUS app Can Upload Custom Engine Voice and other sound effect Short-circuit, overload, over-current and thermally protected Full RPM range linear sound synthesis Advanced NDS\DTS technology Intelligent state tracking compensation Simulates the sound of engine, starting, brakes, blow off valve, red line fuel cut, gear shifting More sound available from RC/Plus APP USB connection Light weight and compact size, easy to install Real reproduction of engine sound Use advanced DNS / DCR algorithm to reproduces real engine sound Support AUX channel Intelligent state tracking compensation, similar to the real vehicle, aircraft, the movement of sound Through the design of the high-powered speakers, speakers and custom make sure small premise has the very good sound field Support R/C PLUS APP For: Uploading voice, the firmware upgrade Specification: Size: 80 mm X 46 mm X 29 MM Includes: ESS-ONE Plus 2017 Version Sound Module (1 pc) Quick Guide (1 pc) Double-sided adhesive (2 pcs) S-link (1 pc) Y Line (1 pc) Manual (1 pc) This item replaced these previous versions: Sense/ESS-ONE Product total weight: 160.00 grams Package size: 9.00 x 13.00 x 6.00cm Factory description: Sense Hobby Sense ESS-ONE + 2017 Engine Sound Simulator Manufactured by Sense Hobby

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