XOTIK 1/32 RC Cars (only ship in HK)

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XC324-001DT / Diesel Thunder RTR (Gun Metal) XC324-002MS / Manga Spirit RTR (Dream White) XC324-003SS / Super Storm RTR (Blue Metallic) most of the TAMIYA MINI 4WD accessories are applicable Features - Proportional Ergonomic Drop Wheel Design - Adjustable Digital Steering Trim - Proportional Throttle With Adjustable Drag Brake - XSX100 Proportional Wide Angle Steering Servo - Racing Tuned 130 Size 3.7V Motor - Rechargeable 3.7V 300mah LiPo Battery - Roller Guided Anti-Collision Bumper - 4.0:1 Gear Ratio Transmission - Fully Decorated Lightweight Body Content: (1x) XTX200 2.4GHz Transmitter (1x) XC324 RTR Chassis (1x) Painted and Decal Applied Diesel Thunder Body (1x) USB Charger (1x) Optional -1 Degree Tie Rod (1x) Optional +1 Degree Tie Rod (1x) Instruction Manual Package size: 24 x 23 x 22cm Packing weight: 750g - Please do not place order if you are not in HK - 5% handling fee will be applied for order cancellation LiPo Battery Warning This product includes a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery. Improper handling could result in fire! A lithium battery fire has the potential to ignite surrounding areas and may cause property damage or cause personal injury. For safe LiPo handling, please follow these guidelines. * Never leave the charger and LiPo battery unattended while charging! * Do not charge a LiPo battery on a flammable surface or near combustible materials. * Never charge inside a vehicle or at a location that could be damaged in the event of a LiPo fire. * Keep out of reach of children! * Do not charge or use a battery that is deformed, bent, crushed, or has any type of visible damage. * You must only use the included, factory-approved charger with this LiPo battery. * Disconnect the battery and unplug the charger if the charge time exceeds 2 hours. * Disconnect the battery and unplug the charger after the charge is complete. * Keep LiPo batteries out of reach of animals. * A punctured battery may cause a fire. * Never disassemble or modify a battery, its wiring, or puncture cells, as this may result in fire. * Do not allow the battery to short circuit by touching exposed wires together. * LiPo batteries must always be recycled or disposed of properly.

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